January 30th, 2010


I want these kicks

Working in the footwear team means that I land up appreciating all types of footwear. Nothing close to being a sneaker head and I definitely don't dress from bottom up i.e. choosing the shoe first before the rest of the clothes.

I love Converse shoes and thank goodness the brand is owned by Nike. The Converse shoes that I buy are after much thought and deliberation for example the Converse wedges or the sequin Chuck Taylor's. The product assortment in Japan and Taiwan is always more exciting. Check out these. It is OMG I wanttogetthemnow!

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Renovation woes

It is a lot harder than you would think.

The design layout is somewhat sorted out but I can't say it's final until it's confirmed and finalized. In fact, we have shifted around the furniture to see how the proposed layout will look like! As for the color theme, sigh. It is so difficult. To be practical or adventerous?

One thing that I have learnt is that at the end of the day, it makes more sense to always opt for practicality. I mean you can choose all these fancy designs and ideas but unless you have a free flowing budget or unlimited space, it is probably not going to work. And of course, we do fight over the renovations. But on the overall, I guess this is a learning and growing experience for us and I believe the outcome is going to be great!

On a related note, we are both pretty anal about being neat and organized. So this looks like something that our closet will likely look lilke :P

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The weekend attire

Shorts with the usual longer length top

Sleepy me says it's the end of January so hullo Feb!

I seem to be perpetually in shorts over the weekends. I suppose it is the lightest clothing item to shove into my bag for post-yoga attire and it is a lot more comfortable to lounge around in.

On a side note, hot yoga was challenging but satisfying today. I couldn't do the balancing poses (as shown in the video below) - my chunky calves are too huge to pull over my shoulders! But it was a good workout because I could feel the sweat dripping all over my back, arms, legs and face. Apparently, a person burns an average of 500+ calories in a hot yoga/Vinyasa class.

I hope I can continue to run and do yoga as long as my body permits! I am loving the benefits of both excercises. Running is literally something that I love from deep within and it gives me a high whilst yoga has been helping in the strength and flexibility. I am still working on the tight hamstrings and it will need a lot of work but after 8 months of regular yoga, I am truly seeing and reaping the benefits. My core is strong, I have been injury free and when I look into the mirror, I like what I see - a lean and strong physique. Slightly defined arms and defined abs and toned overall. :)

This was part of the yoga class today! It looks effortless and easy but it is NOT!

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Blankanvas turns 3

With Pat who always makes me chuckle and laugh

Blankanvas turned 3 and I was honored to be a part of the celebrations at OverEasy. It was an awesome party with free flow (till the drinks ran out) of alcohol (Tiger beer, Moet, vodka), yummy food (Mac & Cheese is scrummilicious!) and a lot of laughs and fun. There were awards and prizes. B.T was nominated as one of the three guys who could possibly turn lesbians straight. Bwahahahahahhaa.

P was a great host, scrurrying around to ensure that everyone felt comfortable and she hissed at me to socialize. But I was too shy to say hi to many famous and popular bloggers at the event and was happy sitting at my table chatting about Italy, shopping and wines with E&C :P

Happy birthday Blankanvas and thanks P for allowing me to be a part of it.

Photo credits - by Noel Yeo, courtesy of Pat Law

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Ally cupcake

A sudden treat and dinner


Healthy grains with Japanese curry sauce

E dropped by to pass to us this yummy treats. The maccaroons are so delicious! I am not an avid fan of it as good ones are hard to come by and it can be overwhelmingly sweet, but this one was perfect. It had cream and jam inside the green one and dark chocolate in the other.

The healthy grains that we bought are great for the digestive system but it can be difficult to eat on its own. We pour Japanese curry sauce over the rice and it tasted heaps better! I think once we are done with these grains, we will switch back to quinoa :P

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