January 28th, 2010

Tomato juice

12 please!

I was at the Bedok camp hawker centre having a catch-up lunch with C and since the hawker centre is famous for its 'cheng ting', I decided to call my co-workers and asked if anyone wanted me to bring back some.

The response was a sheepish order for 12 and C and I were laughing as we made our order.

I think the 'Uncle' thought that I was insane and was probably wondering why this tiny girl was so thirsty.

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This is quite random but I am in the midst of trying to finish up my presentions and this random nagging question pop up in my mind?

For some of the Chameleon species, they are able to change the color of their skin to blend in with the surroundings. What happens if a chameleon turn purple and is suddenly killed, does it die in a shade of purple or whatever color it changed to, or does it revert to its original color?

Someone please tell me the answer? I can't get that silly question out of my head! -_-

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