January 23rd, 2010


Apples and cinnamon

We had 5 green apples sitting in the refrigerator. I decided to create a salad recipe which turned out fab!

Add 2 tablespoons of light miracle whip (I prefer miracle whip to mayo because it tastes sweeter and light for lesser fat content), generous drizzles of honey and cinnamon powder to diced green apples. Mix well and chill for at least a day.

It's a refreshing salad - tangy and sweet and the reason why I recommend leaving it to soak for at least a day, is because the apples get soft and less sour!

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OSIM mini run keeping strong

Can I run faster than a mosquito?

Post-run brunch - Eggs Florentine

On weekends, we usually sleep in. Gone are the days where I could religiously wake up at 6-7am and head out for some adrenaline pumping excercise. However, I couldn't quite resist the trail run suggestion from C earlier this week.

So it was all planned way ahead and I was so excited that I had all my running gear laid out nicely in advance. B.T politely declined the run date and said he was going to sleep in.

It was an early start. Out of bed at 620am, into the shower and then trying my best to stuff a PBJ sandwiche down my not-so-hungry stomach. The funny thing was when B.T woke up shortly after I did, sheepishly saying that he'll join in with the run. :P

McRitchie looks completely different from what I last recalled it to be. I guess the last time we were there for a run was perhaps some 1.5 years ago?? Everything looked different! We started off nicely then it got progressively difficult for me. What I love about trail running is that you never get quite bored but it gets technical as you need to watch out for random roots sticking out from the ground, loose stones, uneven ground and terrain.

We completed one loop which was about 10km and I did enjoy the run which was a nice change from the usual. However, my right knee and ITB wasn't too happy. I missed a few footings during the run and landed too heavily or wrongly so I have to do loads of stretching and rolling for now. Also, I was attracting the mozzies consistently during the run and it was tad irritating because I kept getting bitten. And in weird places like the butt cheek and shoulder blade. So at times, I tried my best to run as fast as I could even though my heart rate was waay out of the zone. I wanted to see if I could run faster than a mosquito(es) but I guess.. not.

I have been thinking about my running a lot and I am really itching to sign up. Trying to plan a race but urgh, things keep getting into the way so we'll see..

We rewarded ourselves with a fab brunch at Riders' Cafe for, in my opinion, the best eggs florentine/benedict here in Singapore. I was delighted to see the owners W&J down at Riders and get some quick catch-ups with them. I first met W&J when I was doing marketing at my previous company and I was their client so it was lovely to see them again after so many years. That is one thing that I miss about being in marketing - meeting new people all the time since right now, I deal with mostly internal folks. But you gain some and you lose some :)

I can't believe that half the weekend has passed by so quickly but at least, it was a great day.

Riders Cafe
51 Fairways Drive
+65 6466 9819

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Right outside of our window

There is something totally magical about fireworks. I love watching them. Every year, we get a treat of fireworks display right outside our window and we will stay at home just for it. This is just one of the couple of shots that I took from my window. I could literally stretch out my hand to almost touch them!

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It's not that bad after all

A friend of mine wrote a post that really struck a chord in me. Simply because, it completely mirrored how I felt last year.

I remembered being really excited and feeling really grown up when I turned 21. For me, it felt as though my whole world had changed. But actually, it didn't quite. There was still so much that I had to learn and my world really changed only when I stepped out into the corporate world.

Then turning 25 was again a different milestone. I was no longer in my 'early twenties' but in my mid twenties now. I felt slightly more matured now that I had clocked in a few years of working experience but yet at the same time, really small being in the real big world.

It hit me. At 27. I could no longer say that I was in my mid-twenties. I was no longer a young adult even but a woman. When you are in your mid-twenties, people term you as 'young'. When you hit the late twenties, people's expectations of you changes. You are expected to set good examples, to be a leader, to achieve goals and dreams, to get married and have kids. Suddenly, everything becomes really pressurizing. And you are sort of in your quarter life crisis.

Last year, I went into several panic attacks. It was the realization that I was officially stepping out of my twenties and moving into a new age bracket. I couldn't accept it. I was financially sound and independant. I made many more decisions without needing to consult my parents - I still do because I think they are the wisest people in the world that I can trust. But you know, it was the fact that I was going to be 30 that was a huge slap in my face.

I didn't want any elaborate celebrations. In fact, I didn't even want to celebrate turning 30 because I didn't want to be reminded of it. But B.T kept telling me that it was not the end of the world. My closest guy friend, D, told me that 30 was the new 21. But ultimately, I just felt that I was becoming old. And frankly, that scared the hell out of me.

I had many questions flooding my head, I got depressed thinking about it at times. Then the day finally came when I hit the big 3-0. It came and it went. And on the first day of being 30, it didn't feel different from any other day. TS told me, that when you turn 30, is when your life officially begins. You earn more compared to years back, you have a better spending power and you are in control of your life.

It's been half a year and for the most of it, I actually forget that I am already 30. Nothing has really changed. My lifestyle is still the same except that I get more boring as each day passes and don't really fancy partying unless it's a special occasion and a good weekend to me is quiet time spent with loved ones. I have to thank my parents for giving me good genes because I have been told that I look younger than I really am so that helps. Also, I discovered that age is just a number and you can be young at heart and live your life good and well.

So today, I celebrate being 30 and actually, it has been the best of my life. I am healthy, fitter and leaner than I have ever been and in a really happy place right now with my personal relationship and with family and friends. I feel really at peace right now and it's really not such a big deal after all.

And I end this post with a link to a brillant article (thanks to J who posted it), Turning 30 by Andy Rooney.

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