January 22nd, 2010


Good morning!

Good Morning by Charmillionaire

I'm usually not a fan of rap - hip hop and R&B is good, but this song that B.T was dancing and laughing to whilst hanging out the laundry, was too funny.

Since my friend recently got an unkind annoymous comment and I believe most of my fellow bloggers would have had that at some point or other (me included), so this song is quite apt. Listen to the lyrics, some don't make sense but most of it do.

My take on annoymous comments? Actually, be it good or bad, it is only basic courtesy to leave at least a name. Otherwise, it is not showing the receiver or blogger that you are writing to, any respect. The only time a person should remain annoymous is when his/her's life is endangered and protection is required. Otherwise, you are just admitting that you are afraid of having what you said/write, being called out as incorrect! It is like blowing the whistle on someone but refusing to accept responsibility for stating that claim ;)

Just my two cents worth!

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Cellar door

I prefer it longer

My oversized, too long cardi

It's white, layered and long

Yea. It's a panda. Just for fun.

When I was (much) younger, perhaps the correct word to use is - teenager, I loved wearing mid-driffs and fitted spaghetti strap tops. Now, the older me prefers the tops to be longer and somewhat looser although I still enjoy lounging around in tiny shorts and wearing the occasional short skirt.

I think it's got to do with .. age..

And that is how I like my look to be these days. Long, layered with the occasional unexpected fancy design or subtle asymmetrical detailing and most of all, something that I can be totally comfortable in. :)

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