January 19th, 2010

Us front porch

You and me and a chimp named Pimp

Modified from the very old song, Me, and you and a dog named Boo But I prefer to put 'you' first :)

This is how it feels for me of late. We have been spending good quality time together just doing simple things together and being really happy. Yesterday, we spent ten minutes wrestling and laughing till our sides ached, then torturing our abs together doing the ab ripper workout followed by a relaxing run together.

The last few weekends have been spent on renovation discussions. We have finally nailed down on the layout that we want after countless suggestions from our ID and countless discussions between us two. We are so geeky, we even measured out the furniture and cut out pieces of paper according to specs to figure out the optimal design layout. Followed by some arguements of layouts because we each had our own ideas and different priorities - he's concerned about where his pull-up bar will go to while I am concerned if I'll have sufficient storage for my clothes and bags.

And I was this close to having a 'walk-in' concept wardrobe, yes, possible even in a tiny space thanks to some creativity, but, we both compromised and settled for practicality. So he gave up his 46-50" LED tv and I gave up my walk-in.

I'm in a happy place right now and it's a lovely feeling.

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With Lynn and Fur Rug

The perfect home-made pizza and more

It looked better when it was a whole pizza and tastes darn good!

Vino with pizza and good company goes perfectly well

First time trying the chocolate ice cream from Awfully Chocolate

It was a busy last weekend. But in a good way. One of my favorite highlights was when my sis and her fiance came over to The Studio. They wanted to try B.T's homemade pizza and heh, they loved it!

He's been trying to perfect his pizza. After 4-5 attempts, modifying Jamie O's recipe, he has finally got it right! It was actually a simple pizza. Pieces of salami, sauteed onions under a bed of shredded cheddar.The crust was perfect - just the right amount of thickness and crispiness. The sauce was OMG so good - L kept raving about it! Each of us had 4 slices but it wasn't enough!

Dessert was chocolate ice cream from Awfully Chocolate which was really really yummy - creamy, slightly bitter but overall chocolatey sweet. And we opened two bottles of wine. In between, we played two games of Agricola - which they enjoyed, and we had the music blasting.

It was an enjoyable evening and it was nice to spend some quality time with my sis all over again :)

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OSIM mini run finishing

The first speed-work in 2010

I unintentionally did 15 minutes of speed-work today.

It wasn’t in the plans. I was intending to do a slow jog – just one loop. Reason being, I had my H1N1 vaccine shot and the doctor advised me to take it slow and easy if I did any exercise today. Just in case I had some slight reactions to the vaccine.

I was actually going to just trot along at an easy pace. I ensured that I had my ID tag attached to my shoe and I carried my cell – just in case I felt ill and had to call home. I swear I meant to really take it easy.

It was comfortable. I was really enjoying the scenery and the lovely cool breeze. After I completed the first loop, I was deciding between heading home or doing another loop because I was hardly perspiring and I felt really good. Seriously and honestly.

So I started off on my second loop. Slow and easy, nice and comfortable. Then the skies got darker, I heard a few claps of thunder and sigh. It really looked as though it was going to pour any minute. So I started running, really fast. I sprinted all the way down the slopes and dashed up the slopes.

I reached my doorstep just in the nick of time before the rain came down in torrents.

I think my trotters will ache tomorrow.

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