January 16th, 2010


Fluffy on the inside, crispy around the edges

Pancakes hold a special meaning for us both. So when he cooks pancakes for me for breakfast, it always gets me excited and it's a huge treat!

We've tried a couple of pancake mix brands - White Wings (I think!), Betty Crocker, Pilsbury etc but Krusteaz is the best so far! That is if you want your pancakes to be fluffy on the inside and crispy around the edges.

Lately, we have a constant stash of frozen berries for smoothies and stuff. We had a nice mix of dark cherries, Marion berries and strawberries! T'was scrummy!

And so I stuffed my face with pancakes.. Before I headed out to visit the dentist. Tehe.

P.S thanks J for the app recommendations. I love it!

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Candy pop

Woodgrain options

The Studio is going to be undergoing massive changes and we are both extremely excited! Colors to choose, material, design etc etc. Many busy weekends and springcleaning sessions ahead!

And taken from The apartment therapy which was pretty apt -

"You Know When You Live In a Small Space When…
…turning around can take you from bedroom to living room in an instant.
…storage is not a concern, it's an obsession.
…you're never out of sight or audible distance between you and your partner/roomie.
…introducing something new requires ridding of another.
…rooms inherently play double, if not triple, duty in utility.

We can't wait :)

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