January 15th, 2010



I love windy days though it messes my hair

Exactly a year ago, I remembered the mornings being nice and windy. In fact, it was sometimes even chilly - a rarity here in Singapore.

Over the last few days, I was really pleased when I noticed the weather getting noticeably cooler and I didn't reach the office dreanched in sweat as usual. This morning, I enjoyed the walk to the office. Nevermind the fact that my hair was blown all over the place :) Even when I left the office at noon, it was still windy all around.

I am not too sure if it's because of the solar eclipse that is happening now as I type! It would be the perfect time to head out for a run! Speaking of which, I am pleased with my two runs this week (hopefully clock in a third). The ab ripper workout was brutal especially since I have not done it in awhile. My abs are sore and achy right now.

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Cookies customized for any occasion. Picture courtesy of Yoke Bakery

It was one of my co-worker's birthday and his sweet girlfriend sent over a box of cookies (like the above). He being his usual generous self, started distributing them to everyone. So we were all lucky to sample the treat.

These cookies are made by Yoke Bakery and I thought I'll share this link because the cookies make excellent gifts! The cookie tastes good - not overly sweet even with the coating of icing on each piece. There was a subtle hint of lemon and the cookie tasted buttery and it crumbled nicely in my mouth. It reminded me of one of those Crabtree and Evelyn or Harrods cookies!

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Cellar door

Blue and white

I love the color blue

Some time back, I popped by E's in support of her event and to say hi. I landed up trying several dresses and wanted to buy 3 but landed up with only 1 in the end because my size was sold out. So this is the lovely blue dress that I got in the end! I love the color because it is a unique shade of blue.

Yu offers not only cocktail dresses but casual and day dresses that are suitable for office wear. So check out her latest collection online or at her events (where relevant).

Links to Yu -
Blogsite which features new launches from time to time
Official website
Yu Online shop

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