January 14th, 2010

Us front porch

Dear Life

Plugged into my iPhone, listening to my favorite playlist whilst cranking through work. The sniffles are (thankfully) gone - all thanks to the magic of NyQuil. Now I just hope that sick co-workers will do what is right and goddamn stay at home if they are sick. I only caught the sniffles this time around.

Anyway, I'm still feeling tad drowsy from the effects of NyQuil but heaps better and fine. But grumpy that I didn't manage to clock in a run yesterday because of the cold.

One of the songs on my playlist is a song from the movie Step Up. I love this song. It makes me wanna dance. And the lyrics, quite beautiful. Here are parts dedicated to B.T, with the rest below the cut - ...

Collapse )

Sometimes in life,
You run across a love unknown,
Without a reason, it seems like you, belong.
Hold on Dear Life,
Don’t go off running from what’s new,
I became somebody, through loving you.

Collapse )
I know with you in love is where I wonna be,
Collapse )

Dear Life - Anthony Hamilton from Step Up

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