January 12th, 2010

Terry Fox Run

Too fast, too slow

It was a long day at work. The hours were okay but it was staring at excel spreadsheets for hours that took a toll on me. On such days, I am tempted to just do absolutely nothing after work. Sometimes, it is the reverse. I feel like I need to sweat it out so that I can de-stress and feel better. It was like this today.

I laced up before dinner. I think I started off too fast. I hit the rolling slopes again. But yea, I started too fast. B.T said that he did a run earlier on with B. We have this silent competition between us. When I see his gym clothes hanging on the rack, I go, Drats! He did a workout but I didn't. That bugger is on a roll - P90X, yoga and running. So I had to run today. Regardless. I wanted to run fast today because I knew that he ran fast.

I didn't wear my watch or HRM. I wanted to see how fast I could run. I wanted to just run based on how I felt. So I just pushed and I ran. After I completed the first loop, I started to slow down. Dammit. I started off too fast.

I landed up brisk walking for a bit before breaking into a light trot then I started running but those slopes feel like hills when you are tired and hungry. Note to self - 3 Tim Tams before an hour run doesn't provide good energy!

And so the second loop was bad. I ran jogged rather slowly all the way back. In fact, too slow. So in the end, I took pretty much the same time to run the two loops instead of faster as I originally planned. I keep forgetting that I am not a short distance runner. I need to start off slow before picking up the pace.

It wasn't the best run but at least I worked up a good sweat and I do feel good after the run. Let's see whether I can hit my goal of 1-2 more runs and 2 sessions of yoga for this week.

On a side note, it is good to have a partner who runs and keep active with you. We keep each other constantly motivated.

Before we met, he was mainly a gym rat. Running to him was running around the top of the roof (200m loop) continuously. Then he met me and we started running together. Shortly after, he did his first half with me (my second) and went on to complete a crazy 250km run race over 6 days. And last year, we both did our first marathon together and he runs faster and crazier than I do. Did I mention that he is more flexible than I and even better than I in yoga?

His best friend says that since he met me, he has become fitter and healthier. Heh. But I also like to say that he motivates me a lot especially when we were training and together, we are better :)

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