January 11th, 2010


The first week

The excercise regime is coming along good. Two sessions of yoga that left my abs, triceps and thighs sore and two good runs.

Now is to try and find a race that fits into my schedule and it is so so hard -_-

Meanwhile, I have sprained my neck and ouch. I need a massage or a chiropractitioner.

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Nike girl run

In search of

Over the last few days, I have been scouring through the Internet sites in hope of finding a race (half or full marathon) that I would want to do this year. Finding one that fits my schedule, is tricky. And then even if you find one, it needs to be coordinated with someone else.

I lamented to B.T last night, How did we ever travel so much last year?

We covered 3 major trips, aside from our work trips last year. How we found the time, I have no idea. This year, it seems harder with other major plans in line, we are struggling to find pockets of dates to do a nice long trip or even one that has a race element included. With a number of things still unsure, we might just have to go along with the flow.

I hope I can figure out. This time last year, we had already decided on the race. Currently, we have decided on none. In fact, we might be already too late in the game as most major races are fully booked out. Sounds crazy but it is.

I was feeling slightly de-motivated this morning with running and all. Whilst running yesterday, I was thinking hard, I found it much easier to be dilligent in training when there was something to train for. Without a race in mind, I get easily distracted. Thankfully, this morning, I had a little motivation boost from work.

The good thing about my job, is that a big part of it relates to running. Most of the time, it doesn't quite feel like a job when I do talk about running. I don't seem to get tired of it. And as we watched the video and presentation for the seasonal meetings, I got all ramped up and motivated.

Now I just need to find that race or just keep running. Because, even if I can't find one this year, there is always 2011.

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