January 10th, 2010

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Blogsite updates

I am almost completed with my blog changes - it is not 100% because there are still some nitty gritties that I need to get sorted out. The reason why I wanted a change was because it was simply a new decade and a good time to undergo the change after 4 years or so. Also, I wanted to make my site cleaner and easier to navigate. It will be a work in progress as I make changes and updates along the way.

If you look at the left hand sidebar, there will be additional information available.


It's mainly there for my convenience.

Blogs that I read

I have created a separate page to host all the links. It is for me to easily access the sites as well. Friends who wished to have their site banners changed - just create one in those specs and email it to me :P

Cool clicks

This is to non blog sites of brands and services that I like.


Running is my first love and first sport hence it even has a separate tag. This is mainly for me as a reference to races.


I wanted to use a 'cloud' tag but my tags are currently in a mess as I wasn't dilligent in tagging and they are all over the place right now. It takes a lot of time and effort to clean them up and I might only do so when I eventually migrate to a more flexible platform or so. Meanwhile, I have just listed the tags that I use most of the time so readers can easily search under those tags as well. Please note that entries before 2008 have all been locked and I do write in locked spaces too so if you aren't on my friends' list, you might find the tag listings limited.

Contact me

If you feel shy to leave a comment, feel free to send me an email. I enjoy receiving emails from readers and if you have emailed me before, you will know that I am friendly and I do respond :P However, if you have ill intentions or leave nasty annoymouse comments, those will be ignored, IP address noted down and deleted. I do not entertain any nasty comments especially if they are hurtful towards my family and friends.

The RSS feed subscriber link came about after my friend J, who emailed me from the States asking for my RSS feeds so that he could add it into his Google reader because he was too lazy to check my site for updates.

The Search toolbox looks slightly queer because Livejournal doesn't support javascripts *sigh. So the Google Search logo is missing - Sorry Google, but it works fine. This is for readers who wish to search for words within my site for example, yoga (which now falls under sports) or NYC which falls under travels and has a separate NYC tag.

That's all!

Nothing fancy or out of the world because I'm not exactly Ms Techie :P But I hope that you will enjoy the changes and thank you for reading :)

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