January 8th, 2010


Back to Kenny's

There was a time, many years ago where hanging out at Kenny Roger's was one of the coolest things to do as college students. It offered good value for money and the corn muffin was one of the best ever. It still is.

After a long long while, I found myself back at Kenny Roger's. You still get good value for money, in fact service is better. Your order is taken at the table and served to you in a snap. And the corn muffin is still one of the best ever. It is my favorite actually.

Good old nostalgic times.
on rock

3 simple words that can make a whole lot of difference

Saying I am sorry is the hardest thing to do. Most refuse to say it because of pride or fear of admitting that it was their fault.

I am guilty of that.

It is hard to say those three simple words but it can make a whole lot of difference and change things.

So today, I told the person who means the world to me, that I am sorry. It might not have been totally my fault, but I had a part to contribute and there was something that I wanted to apologize for.

And you know what? It wasn't that bad. In fact I felt loads better after that :)

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