January 6th, 2010


I want to be light-footed and stealth

My yoga teacher would always say - foot between hands, no sound.

Whilst running yesterday, it came into my mind. I tried to make my foot steps as light as possible. I was told that I am a quiet runner. Which is good. I figured that the quieter I run, the less I slam my foot down and the lesser the injuries.

And so I tried.

2 loops, 53 minutes of rolling slopes and I feel darn good!

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Omg I'm inspired!

Taken from the Jan '01 issue of Runner's World - I wished I had that many siblings. The slowest brother ran 5:31 with a prosthetic leg!

That's one great achivement for all 16 siblings to run a marathon. On a side note, the mom was pregnant for a total of 12 years?!! OMG. Even if she had twins or triplets, that's still amazing.

I get all inspired from reading RW each time. The people make running sound easy!

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