January 4th, 2010


Our 2009 in photos and videos

Our 2009 in photos and videos from ndrea77 on Vimeo.

This video was originally made for B.T's parents who live far away in the States. We usually do a newsletter for them to update them on our lives here in Singapore. This time around, I decided to compile a video instead. It was originally posted on FB but I decided to share it here - and my Dad who is on FB but refuses to add me! :P

It was nostalgic going through the 12 photo folders and looking through my small collection of short video clips, difficult to decide which photos and clips to be included because there are so many and each shot has a meaning to it and just recalling all the memories :)

Creating the video took longer than expected because Windows Movie Maker hung like (no kidding) 50 times. So every time I inserted a text or added a picture, it hung. It took me another 5 minutes to exit the program and re-start. My Lenovo X300 (MacBook Air equivalent) runs on 3GB of RAM and is a good model and recent so it wasn't the hardware. Also, I was only running WMM and disabled even my Anti-Virus! So it was painful. Hoping to find an alternative software for my PC based laptop so if anyone has any recommendations, please flow them this way :)

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I'm a big fan of sea salt. It tastes more natural and flavorful. Less salty too if that makes any sense!

I don't use MSG in my cooking and try to keep it simple and natural tasting. Minimal sauces but loads of herbs and pepper and healthy sprinkles of salt - a little goes far!

I bought a box of sampler salts from Oregon which came in 5 different flavors. Initially, we didn't think much of it. It tasted just like salt. However, after a few more tastings, we discovered that each type did have an individual flavor.

The chicken salt was purchased from Melbourne. Unfortunately, neither of us fancy it too much. You have to use a lot of it and it tastes like fast food seasoning. We've tried it with potatoes and chicken but the taste was either too mild or salty.

My current favorite is the Murray River salt. It's a gorgeous light apricot color and goes well with roasted veggies and grilled chicken. It's used as a finishing salt so I sprinkle it before serving so that the flavor is more intense.

I'm pleased to note that the Murray Salt is available at Jones the Grocer.

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A nifty pen

E tweeted about this awesome household invention awhile back. It's available in the States, Australia and HK and I'm sure somewhere around in Singapore too.

It's a stain remover pen which you can easily carry along with you to remove accidental stains. The Tide pen works on most but not blood. The chap stick size brand works on blood.

So far, it's been effective for me. I now pop one into my suitcase each time I travel. I've not been carrying it around because one of my 2010 focuses is to love my body and that includes reducing the weight of items in my handbag!

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