January 3rd, 2010


For my 2010

In 2009, I made a few simple resolutions and I am glad to say that I have stuck to it - 90% of it. One of the big achievements was the completion of my first marathon - to do one injury free. For 2010, I have decided to have 5 4 focuses.

1) Family, B.T and friends -

They play a huge part of my life. Moulding me into who I am today and helping me to stay grounded. Amidst my buys schedules, priorities and commitments, I aim and want to focus on family and friends. Spend time with them, treasure the relationships and not to take them for granted. And with B.T, to continue growing what we have and share together.

2) Love my body -

To take care of myself, to sleep, eat and keep active. I have managed to stay injury free in 2009 and want to continue to do so. Yoga has helped me heaps and I plan to keep running and balancing it out with yoga. I want to be more flexible this year. I want to listen to my body and respect it. This includes going for yearly health checkups (which I have been doing since 2008) and sticking to it. Also, simple things like putting on sunscreen, moisturizer, chap stick, taking my vitamins etc.

Yoga and running has also helped my body to in the best shape in 2009 and I want to maintain that. Yep. Toned body, abs and everything :P

Last year, we made some changes to our diet. We used to eat pasta almost daily for dinner and we have swapped to eating quinoa, noodles or sandwiches. We still have our pasta fix but not on a daily basis. We have seen the results! I plan to continue eating sensibly which means eating in moderation. I still need to watch my chocolate intake but I am eating more salads, chicken and healthier food options.

3) Me time-

I often forget to give myself personal time and space. To have time alone to sort out my thoughts, reflections and emotions. I want to do more for myself. It might sound selfish, but I think it is healthy. I want to do stuff like refreshing my Japanese and work on my non-existent Mandarin, save even more which I have been doing but I want to do even more :) To relax and travel. I travelled like crazy in 2009 and I have learnt so much.

4) Smile more and focus on the future not the past -

Life is short and I want to live it to the fullest. To be happy, to smile loads and be a positive energy to everyone around me. The future is bright if you see it as such. There are so many opportunities in life you just need to look for it. My future will be brighter as long as I want it to be.

5) To be shared once I have confirmed it :)

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