December 29th, 2008

Puerto Vallarta beach

The Blue Man Group in Tokyo

Blue Man Group in Tokyo!

Paint splatters!

We were both disappointed that we were unable to buy tickets for Studio Ghibli nor visit the Ramen Musuem (which we mistakenly thought it was in Hakone - it's in Yokohoma). Until we chanced upon the huge poster at Roppongi Hills for the Blue Man Group. Frankly, I haven't heard of the Blue Man Group but B.T had and he got really excited. He said, Wanna watch? I replied, Uh okay but what is it? It's a live performance of a three man group, with blue painted faces, using all kinds of props to create a live performance. Something like Stomp but very unique in terms of execution.

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Trying to touch the peak of Mt Fuji

Hakone was a place that we both wanted to visit and we planned to visit it but other than booking our accomodations, we hadn't figured out how to get there! So it was a bit of a mayhem especially when his Japanese friend S told us that it would be hard to get tickets over the holiday season.

So we landed up paying 5,000 yen EACH, thinking it was an all round ticket to Hakone on the Romance Car train. Well, it was actually on the Local train (which is very sloooooooooooow). But we hoped onto the wrong train- which was the Romance train, and landed up paying an extra ~ 2,000 yen each. Turned out that the 5,000 yen was for a 2 day pass around Hakone with unlimited access on the buses, trains, boats etc. So it all turned out good afterall :P

We love Hakone except for the fact that it was freezing cold (wind chill, temperatures at -2 but NO SNOW). It was here that I bought the Yuzu Mitzu honey for my mom and a few more bottles for ourselves. I experienced my first Onsen in Hakone too, and for the first time, saw Mt Fuji in it's splendour and beauty.

I'll describe more of Hakone from the pictures below..

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Shopping at Uniglo.. for shiny jackets! :P

Tokyo is just like any other metropolitan city. Fast moving, vibrant and full of life. The only difference is that the culture makes it unique and the food, spectacular. We both said that we could live here!

We spent 4.5 days in Tokyo, mainly eating. We also visited key sights - thanks to J, who gave us a great one day itenarary in Tokyo. J, thanks much really! We followed it as best as we could :P Great recommendations!

Shopping was surprisingly part of our agenda too. Orignally, we weren't planning to shop for anything since it will be all expensive. But we both picked up some useful winter gear which will be useful for our future trips :) (we are planning our vacations for next year already!) We did snagged some good deals. Definitely didn't shop as much as I did in U.S, but we were both pleased with the few items that we picked up.

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Beanie babies in CO


One of my favorite photo of us, in front of the Kinkakuji Temple (Famous Golden temple)

The last segment of our Japan trip and our favorite - Kyoto!

I was planning to write about it tomorrow because uploading the photos on photobucket has been a real pain and I am not in the mood to create collages. But since I am on a blogroll now and the photos have all been uploaded, here goes.

Kyoto is our favorite because it is a city that has a romantic and cultural feel to it. It is modern yet traditional and a very lovely place. Compared to Tokyo, it is less hectic with less people. Beautiful temples and places to visit too.

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