November 5th, 2008

OSIM mini run keeping strong

Doing my fat burn and body composition analysis

Test subject AMG

Jon and Ben of Racers' Toolbox kindly invited me down to the lab for a test analysis. Like all women, I tried my best to defer the actual lab test date. I'm sick! Uh, travelling this week.. Got a cough *cough cough. Well, I finally got my lazy arse down and I learnt a couple of stuff about myself.

The bad news is that I have shrunk by 1.5cm *double wails AND when I start running, I am burning zero fat -_-

The good news is that the sum of my 6 skinfolds or body fat percentage, is 14.5% and uh 83.8mm skinfolds to me sounds utterly gross but it's supposed to be pretty good. Also, I am an even endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. Currently slightly more of an endomorph but depending on which I would like to shift to, I can decide and train towards it.

So why did I agree to do the tests?

Firstly, finding out what my fat burn zone is will help me to train more efficiently, using fat as a source of fuel instead of carbohydrates. Heh. That will also mean I can stay lean and slim. Secondly, since I stopped training and doing any serious races of sorts, I have been slacking on my excercise. Sometimes, it is almost non-existent. I have lost obvious mass and people around me say that I am getting skinnier. However, I wanted to establish if I had lost all muscle and was skinny on the outside but all fatty inside! Finally, I never quite understood training in 'your zones' etc. I would read tons of articles on that but never quite knew how to utilize it. So needless to say, my HRM is a white elephant.

I won't be giving too much details on what advice has been given to me as it is rather specific to my body and just share the test experience -which was rather funny and interesting.

I had my body marked out with a pen in several areas by Jon who is a certified expert in this area. This body composition analysis is different from what you can obtain from the gyms where you step on a scale and get a reading. That is mostly based on water composition in the body, depending on the timing at which you do the reading at etc. At the Racers' Toolbox lab, specific areas are measured to close accuracy. This analysis is so accurate, it provides good tracking on one's progress for weight loss. I had various areas of my body measured with different equipment. Some sophisticated calculation goes on and voila, the results get tabulated out. My ego was completely smashed when my biceps were measured and the relaxed and flexed girth was .. the same. Sigh.

Next, I was hooked up to a machine for the fat burn test. And this is when Jon started laughing real hard.

A mask is meant to be fixed over my face but it took him a good ten minutes to fix it on securely. Why? My face was too small and my cheekbones were in the way. So tomorrow, he is giving the company (from which he gets his equipment from), feedback for smaller sized masks. Hur hur hur. Then after it was fixed over my face, he realized that my head was also too small. In the end, the mask had to be fixed higher than normal and was half digging into my eye sockets. -_- How to see??? Don't need to see! Just run. Hahahhahaha.


After 12 minutes, a chart emerged and gawd it was embarassing especially after he showed me how I compared with other testers. In order for me to burn fat, I need to brisk walk at a x range heart rate. Once I start running, I burn zero stored fats and burn pure carbs. If I were to do a marathon right now, I will literally bonked out. So I need to train and teach my body to use its fats as a fuel source instead of the carbohydrates. I would then be able to perform better in a race.

For the next 3 months, I am to cut out sweet foods aka chocolates, desserts *big groan, put in brisk walks into my training. I am going to need massive discipline for this, because the festive season is nearing! I need to let this sink in and ask for a plan to be drawn out for me -_- But seriously, I am pretty excited to see what I can achieve if I put these results to good use!

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