August 24th, 2008

OSIM mini run finishing

We finished!

The Nike SEA team completed the 197 miles, in 29hours :) Just about half an hour short of D's aggresive projection. More on that later as to how we calculated the time each would take etc, and had an almost flawless exchange from one runner to the next for the 36 legs.

I will give a complete race update later. For now, I will just say that this has been indeed, an experience of a lifetime. I'm not sure whether I will do this all over again, because it is so exhausting, but no regrets doing it. In 2 days, I ran in 3 different conditions. Ran through the fog, sped through the trails in the dark of the night and ran in the heat of the day at altitude. I have never been so deprived of food, shower and sleep.

My body is completely trashed and I'm not looking forward to the 17hour long flight tomorrow home -_-

Look out for more updates and photos :)

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