January 1st, 2008


Cool Clicks

::: Favorite sites :::

::: Charities :::

Ninemillion Org

The Girl Effect.

::: Food :::

Subway. Eat Fresh. Cut the queue and pre-order online.

::: Shopping :::

Yu. For unique cocktail/casual dresses and custom made wedding gowns.


::: My directory of links to my friends' blogs and other favorite digital sites :::

::: Friends :::

My boyfriend. The one who makes me laugh and dilligently reads my blog but refuses to write on his.

Addy. My half-Japanese half-Chinese school mate whom I have known since 8. This remarkable girl now spends her time doing charity work.

Charles. He writes on everything and anything to do with being eco-friendly. And he bikes to work as much as he can.

Denise. Stories about her M&Ms and her new life as a SAHM. (requires password)

Eelyn. We used to cycle, swim and run together. But now, we just run. And chit-chat. She is fashionable and designs beautiful dresses.

Hann Sern. Co-worker and friend who doesn't think that I'm mad if I say that I'm going out for a run at lunch time.

Howard. Ex co-worker and friend. I knew him before he got famous but he is still pretty much the same.

Jeanette. Super Wang. She swims, bikes and runs 365. Never ask her, How far did you run?

John. He said that he was inspired by my blog and started one of his own.

Natalie. My childhood friend. We used to be in the monkey club together. (requires password)

Pat. She made me laugh when I first met her and has a wicked sense of humor.

Tiffanie. Her blog is unique and she is fun and cool.

Veraday. A lovely girl with a cutie called Noey.

Yvonne. Her stories of her little boy, Nat, always makes me laugh.

::: I visit these sites :::

Cherry Magazine. The Singaporean author Nicole posts fashion updates and random shots of ordinary people

Dooce. Heather Armstrong owns one of the top blogs in the world. She writes with wit and was ranked one of the most powerful bloggers.

Fashion Toast. I love her fashion sense and style.

Sea of Shoes. Beautiful Jane Aldridge designs for UO and gets invited personally by Mr Lagerfeld!