Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

I've moved!

I have been radio silent for a couple of days partly due to the hectic work week and also, I was busy re-learning an entirely new blogging platform and coding my new site. It's been up for awhile but I wanted to perfect it. It's not quite 100% and I'll still be tweaking stuff along the way, but it's been too long since I've got the domain and put off launching it proper!

For my LJ friends, I'll still be reading your entries so pleeease leave me on your list. I'll still be blogging private entries on LJ as wordpress isn't so friendly for that function but I won't be cross posting or blogging publicly here. But please update your bookmarks and feel free to subscribe to my new blog on Google Reader which is the best thing for reading the gazillion blogs that I follow! Simply add my blog URL to the "add a subscription" box or there's also a link for my rss feeds.

I'll still be leaving this blog and won't be locking the old entries up as my travel entries, recipes etc all link back to LJ. I didn't migrate my entries as I didn't feel a need to (yet) and it's too mind boggling for not so tech savvy me.

So I'll be blogging at my new space at The Bokeeffect - find out why I picked that name :P, so hop on over! I appreciate all the support over the last 4-5 years - thanks for reading and hope to hear from you at my new space :)

♥ Help Japan recover

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