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Hi Mr Police(wo)man!

It was S's hen's night yesterday and this is the only photo that will get to see daylight since the rest cannot be shared publicly :P

We were all utterly excited when S's boyfriend finally proposed. We were all looking forward to the hen's party which had countless emails on it. TS was the mastermind and this is the woman who is an expert in party planning. I mean the last time they all dressed up as angels with HUGE wings and you can always count on her to plan something really FUN.

The theme was 'policewomen'. Read. Caps, badges, handcuffs, batons and of course, the sexy twist to the uniform. We were all supposed to wear a white collared shirt but loo and behold, we all realized that none of us owned one. Yea. The only 'white' item I had was this G-star tee so I tried my best to make it work. S and I met TS at the hotel before meeting the rest and we walked in without the 'accessories' and hiked up tops because we didn't want to be mistaken for working girls -_- BUT, we did walk out in those outfits AND down Orchard Road and if I might add, the entire length of it grabbing *ahem, loads of wanted and unwanted attention.

It was a fantastic night! B.T and the boys went out and had their own boy's night out and met up with us at the end but I dare say we had loads more fun :P We pub hopped including Attica -the mothership, which is where S met her French beau 4 years back. S was a great sport and oh my, did she rawk it. I can't share the full details :P and all I can say is -

Those outfits got all the attention that we wanted. Those hats are a guy magnet I'm telling you. Met a few sleazys but it was funny how all the guys were flocking to us no matter where we went :P The 1-for-1 martinis at SGD$15 at No.5 are friggin' good but dangerously strong. Sorry, Singaporean guys, we thought the non Singaporean guys were waaaay more generous and fun.

P.S big call-out and thanks to the generous people at No.5 who gave us tequila shots on the house. That was totally unexpected and sweet. And also, free immediate entry at Attica - thanks Attica guys!

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