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Get fit for a cause

It's been almost a month since the Japan disaster happened and the buzz around it has sort of quieten down in cyber space. I don't read as much about it as during the first week that it happened and in some ways, people have 'moved on' to other news and happenings.

As for me, I can't say that I've done great in donating but I can say that I've done what I can be it spreading the word as I am still doing via this blog with my tiny call out at the end of each post, or running a few miles in the Run for Japan Nike+ challenge (which is now over by the way since we've achieved USD$200,00 or 200,000 miles). I was pleasantly surprised and pleased when Fitness First invited me to join in with their fundraising activities to help raise funds for Japan. Unfortunately, the scheduled activities clashes with mine so I am unable to participate but I would still like to do a little shout-out here for those who are looking for some fun fitness activities to participate in and at the same time, do something for Japan.

Fitness First is holding a charity drive at all 11 of its fitness clubs here in Singapore with the aim of raising SGD$12,000 which will go to the Singapore Red Cross Society for the Japan disaster relief. Instructors will be pledging a portion of their salaries to the cause and Fitness First personal trainers (PT) will be donating their time to conduct personal training sessions for members and the fees will be donated to Red Cross. Donation tins are placed at all reception counters in the 11 Fitness First clubs from 11-25 April 2011.

The fundraising fitness activities include -

... Urban-athlon @ Fitness First at One Georget Street on 12 April, Tuesday from 6:30-8:00pm in the outdoor area. It is opened to both Fitness First members and the public. You can register either at the club reception or call +(65) 6538 7666 to register. A minimum donation of SGD$5 is required to register for this activity and you are encouraged to donate more if you want to. The Urban-athlon consists of 2 categories - 1.5km run + 5 exercise stations OR 2.5km run + 5 stations.

For those that do not fancy doing runs or circuit training and prefer to sweat it out by dancing, you can participate in the -

... "Saturday Night Fever" themed dance class @ Fitness First at Tampines (which is the newly opened club- first in the East) at CPF Building, Level 4 on 16 April, Saturday from 12:15-1:15pm in the main GX studio. It is opened to both Fitness First members and the public. Register 1 day in advanced at the club reception or call +(65) 6438 5998. Participants are encouraged to dress according to the theme and a minimum donation of SGD$5 is required for registration and you are encouraged to donate more if you want to.

Selected group exercise classes at all 11 Fitness First Clubs will also be participating in this fundraising drive from 11-17 April so check out the website here.

With my schedule packed to the brim, I'll be at most doing a run or two and one yoga class this weekend. But watch this space as I'll be trying out a new workout at the new Fitness First gym @ Tampines some time soon and I can't wait to share more about it. :)

♥ Help Japan recover

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