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I hope Grey's Anatomy never ends because I love it so much, love the quotes, the life lessons and everything about it. I'm so glad that I convinced him to watch it and great minds think alike because he's been hooked on it ever since :P

The last episode that showed was so sad. I was trying hard not to tear and the music was incredible. It was the first time that they did a musical out of it with the cast singing and damn can most of them sing. Callie and Lexi can really sing! Tried to find a few songs that I really liked but some were not listed. I did find this one though - The Story by Brandi Carlile. Lovely.

The two of us don't watch TV. When I say TV, I'm referring to the local television shows so don't ask us about the local stars etc because we just don't follow the scene. We watch a lot of tv dramas from the States like GA, Heroes, Big Bang Theory and have recently started on Glee.

Now when I first watched Glee, I didn't get it. Sure, I love musicals and the singing was great but I just couldn't relate to it. I kept on watching a few more and then it just clicked. And now, we are hooked.

"My body is like a warm chocolate souffle. If I don't warm up right, it won't rise.


What other tv dramas are you hooked on?

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