Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Week in pictures

1) Bunch of flowers on my finger to brighten up my day :)

2) Mr Bean's icy chocolate soy milk after a run is heavenly. I wish I could buy a store!

3) When my close friend told me she was pregnant some time back, I got excited and wanted to get her a gift. Afterall, mommy is often forgotten and everyone buys things for the baby and not her. My trip to the U.S didn't materialize so I couldn't get the intended gift so this was a small substitute from Bangkok. She loves it :)

4) Grocery pick-up. Brown Brother's Rosa. Yummy yum.

5) My man carrying the heavy groceries.

A : Need help?
B.T : Nah. I don't want you to compress your spine and become shorter.
A : -_-

6) I've read that wearing shades protect your eyes from getting wrinkles around your eyes and according to B.T, early onset of cataracts! So, wear your shades!!

♥ Help Japan recover

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