Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Practical additions

1) Our current cutesy Mr Egg measuring spoon is quite hopeless especially in measuring out liquids. This magnetic long measuring spoons are fab! They fit into long and narrow jars and stack up together for compact storage.

2) The markings of our cheap plastic measuring cup have worn off and I've been doing guesstimates! Loving these collapsible rubber measurement cups. Stores easily in a small space :)

3) We've been making tea and sharing a tea strainer. I decided it's more practical to get a tea pot. This Matryoyshka tea set is perfect! It comes with a tea strainer inside the pot and both cups stack nicely on top of the tea pot and saves space :) Yes, it's rather dainty for B.T that's why I previously got for him the classic 'coffee' and 'tea' mugs in red and blue.

♥ Help Japan recover

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