Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Paper cranes for Japan

I was really happy to see how other countries were all rallying together to help Japan. This was in the hotel in Manila and hotel guests were encouraged to donate and fold a crane and hang it onto the 'tree'. The aim was to collect 1,000 cranes I believe. Cranes are believed to provide happiness. I once read that if you fold 356 cranes for someone, they will have 356 days of happiness. I once did that for an ex-boyfriend. Yes, how silly (or sweet) i was in those young days :P

As I traveled to Manila and Bangkok for work over the last few days, I was constantly reminded of Japan whenever I saw efforts made to raise money or awareness and it really made me feel all warm all over. This was just an example of the many others that I saw around Manila and Bangkok. Truly, the world unites in times of devastation.

♥ Help Japan recover

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Tags: japan, manila, travels

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