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I was randomly walking around with a friend when we chanced upon Smart Alley. He wanted to take a look because he has a number of friends with young kids and he might be able to find something so in we went.

I don't know about you, but my childhood toys were 'real toys'. Real toys meaning nothing electronic like the Wii, Xbox, iPad and all those computer games that kids these days are hooked on. I played with Fisher Price toys, I had kitchen sets, play food, PlayDoh (one of my favorites), Smurf and Strawberry figurines which I loved loads, and paper doll sets. The toys I used to play with were a lot simpler and cheaper than what's available now and more educational. I still had fun playing with my toys and they were the sweetest memories that I had.

Smart Alley sells toys that I used to play with as a kid, except that they are more modern, made of better quality, mostly imported from the U.S but still provides an educational aspect to it which I truly like. There were oreo cookies in a jar for you to play a game and match the correct cookie shown on the card, wooden dolls similar to the paper dolls that I played with but instead of being made of paper, it had a magnet so you simply click it onto the doll, wooden kitchen sets that looked so inviting, 'Let's Cook' cupcakes, pretzels cooking sets to teach your kids how to bake. These are the toys that I think kids should play with.

There were also shelves and shelves of gaily colored picture books like Spot the Dog, books for kids to flip through, point and learn. To me, Smart Alley was like a candy store and more interesting than any iPad game that was all virtual or some Kinect dance game.

For parents that would like to get such toys for their kids, you might want to pop by Smart Alley. It's really quite a gem of a store.

Smart Alley
81 East Coast Road #01-01,
Singapore 428785
+ (65) 6440 9195

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