Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

The Cafe inside Homeless

I apologize for the tardy subject line but I didn't note down the name of the cafe that we visited in Hong Kong. All I can remember that it was nestled inside the Homeless Flagship store at TST and it was a nice place to rest our tired feet.

The cafe looks rugged yet cozy as it is fashioned to look like a corner in someone's home with wooden furnishing, booksheleves decorated with items that you would put on one in your house for example photo frames, books, collectibles ecetera. I am unsure if a full dining menu is available but it's a place to chill out with friends or to read quietly with a good cup of tea and some desserts.

We only had drinks but the tea that I had was really good. It was in a unique tea bag blend of aromatic fresh flowers, herbs and all kinds of fragrant goodness in it.

As I said previously, I am on the lookout for nice cozy cafes to check out here in Singapore so do shout out if you have any to recommend :)

Cafe (inside Homeless Flagship)
Level 8
The One
100 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
+ (852) 2997 8192

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Tags: cafe, hong kong, travels

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