Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Wholesome beginnings

We rolled out of bed at 1030am (good night's sleep) and while he vacuumed and swept The Studio, I quickly cooked up brunch -

Baby spinach salad with baked almonds tossed in olive oil, whole grain mustard seeds, balsamic vinegar, sugar, sea salt and black pepper.

Soy sauce eggs is the simplest yet most tasty type of eggs to eat. Beat the eggs, add some light soy sauce and scramble them over a non stick pan with a tablespoonful of olive oil. Don't over-cook the eggs so that it's not 'dry' but not watery like scrambled eggs.

The loaf of bread was sitting inside the fridge for weeks - we refrigerate our bread. Slapped on some butter on each slice and scoop on a teaspoon of fresh minced garlic (we always have a container pre minced up in the freezer). Toasted it and voila - garlic toast.

It took 15 minutes to whip everything up :)

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