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Loysel's Toy

I still can't fathom why I don't enjoy coffee. I've tried it several times but each time, I can't bring myself to enjoy the aromatic taste of coffee - love the smell but not the taste. Strange huh? It's a pity because there are a number of quaint coffee cafes have popped up here.

C introduced me to this lovely hidden place of a gem called Loysel's Toy. It's in an unexpected location, quite atypical I must add but it's like truly a hidden treasure. It's only been opened for a month so the menu is not quite complete and they are still adding food items onto it. But what they currently lack is definitely made up for in terms of service (excellent and friendly) and the ambience is lovely. The decor is rustic, the outdoor chairs look even slightly 'battered' with hints of rust and peeling paint but it all adds to the uniqueness of this little establishment. I can picture myself sitting quietly by myself with a stack of magazines and iPad on a quiet weekend. Perfect for enjoying some me-time.

As I don't drink coffee, I requested for their tea selection which is modest - 3 choices. I chose the earl grey with lavender (if I heard correctly). Though slightly pricey (I believe it cost S$9), the tea was fragrant sweetened with two cubes of sugar (it's more than enough), a tiny cookie, all arranged on a long white plate. The duck salad looks plain but it's surprisingly tasty. Loysel's Toy is generous with the roasted duck meat accompanied with loads of pomelo bits (my absolute favorite), pine nuts, some red chili slivers all tossed up in a clear dressing. It was reasonably priced at about S$6-7.

And as a true testament of how bad my sense of direction is, it took THREE people to get me to Loysel's Toy. Given that it wasn't the easiest location to picture but when B.T (without asking, probably because he was afraid I'll land up heading off in the opposite direction as usual) personally drops me off at the bus-stop, tells me which bus to get on and ensures my Google maps has it keyed in AND double checks if I have my iPhone), C sms-es the full address and asks me to holler if I get lost and it follows by a phone call which she lands up chatting to B.T and him assuring that he's got me sorted out in the right direction, followed by her sending me a screen grab of the map - just in case. Then after I get off the bus (at the correct stop - applause please) and actually walk in the right direction, yes, right direction for once but turns back halfway thinking I got it wrong, C sms-es asking me to call when I've reach, probably because I told her I alighted at the Sri Marital Temple (instead of Manmatha). H drives out to pick the lost goat up and drops me off right at the door-step of Loysel's Toy before going home. Major fail. I swear B.T heaved a silent sigh of relief when his goofball reached home yelling, Honey! I'm home!

Next stop, I would like to check out Papa Palheta - yea though I don't drink coffee!

Loysel's Toy
66 Kampong Bugis
Singapore 338987
+(65) 9451 0236
Opens: 9am-9pm, closed on Mondays

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