Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Paul Lafayet

I didn't hunt for a single cupcake in Hong Kong (though I had one recommendation for it), no wait, I did try some cupcakes which were really disappointing, but I did get two macarons fix at two different places.

It was by sheer chance that we discovered Paul Lafayet. It looked too good to pass up so we chose 6 and we sat in the tiny space and shared all of it! I believe we had a mango, ganache, green tea, pistachio, lemon and something else flavored macaron! The green tea left a deep impression on my taste buds - authentic green tea flavoring that didn't taste fake or artificially flavored. Ganache is usually a good and safe choice as it is quite hard (I believe) to mess up a chocolate flavored macaron.

I'm still dying to try baking macaron but so far, browsing through a couple of recipes, I've learnt that it isn't easy work! So perhaps, just perhaps, I might give it a shot when I feel that I'm in an adventurous baking mood!

Paul Lafayet
Shop G13 G/F Windsor House
311 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
+ (852) 3421 1982

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Tags: hong kong, macarons, travels

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