Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Christmas 2010

It feels really weird writing this in late January! :P But I've been totally swamped juggling both personal and work stuff with some exciting happenings! The Christmas that just passed, though quite awhile ago, was too good not to mention so here it is now - better late than never!

The Christmas dinner plans were made weeks before we flew out to Hong Kong. It was planned to be cozy at A's place with loads of homecooked food to fill our tummies. I offered to make the butternut squash soup, mango pavlova and grapefruit avocado salad. Everyone was fine with the suggestion and as our friends are Brit Chinese, they insisted on having certain dishes that were quite specific to a typical English Christmas like roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts etc

We went on a big grocery trip together and piled in quite a lot of food that made me quite worried! It was SO MUCH FOOD! Plus, we had a turkey for ten when there were only 8 of us?! The best part of the dinner was actually the prepartion. We had loads of giggles trying to figure out how to cook to large bird and for B.T and I, it was strange cooking in a kitchen that wasn't ours and we had to adapt to the different equipment etc. There wasn't an electric mixer for example so I had to manually whisk the egg whites and cream for the pavlova! It took me such a long time!

Great homecooked food, company, laughter, love and joy for the Christmas - it was totally memorable and a much better Christmas that we had away from home (compared to the one in Tokyo 2 years back where it was just two of us and totally lonely!)

Big bird

Sweating the veggies for the butternut soup

perfectly roasted

whisked them till my arms ached

I left a little packet of Godiva coffee for each on the tablemat

table setting

Tossing the salad

Potatoes waiting to be fluffed after roasting

Many ingredients were used!

The boys did get their hands dirty too!

This was such a funny shot!

Soup turned out better than the first

I got little gifts for each

Taking a breather after I was done cooking all 3 dishes

We served about 13 bowls of this!

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