Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

The night thief

Another resolution for 2011 -

To learn how to consistently steal and safeguard my 'bolsters' at night.

We don't use bolsters per se but pillows that function as a bolster to hug. Additionally, we each have a green 'Ally' minature pillow. I got them a few years back and he has claimed firm ownership over one particular one. Like try taking it away from him and he'll fight nail and tooth with you.

Don't get in between him and his ally bolster. Seriously. The only time I'm allowed to have it is when I'm sick.

To annoy him, I'll try to steal it whilst he is sleeping. Sometimes, I'll wait for him to fall asleep and slowly wrestle it away. However, he is quick to grab it back even in a half asleep stupor. I swear he has an invisible bond with that damn thing. We now spend the night stealing each other's bolster throughout the night and guess what? It's a subconsious effort.

I tried before we slept but he said that he should re-enact how I try to do it which is sooo stealth that he is unaware. Each time I try to pull it towards me, he smacks my hand. So I gave up and went to sleep. Then I woke up this morning to find mine gone and he was hugging BOTH. I asked him about it earlier on-

THIEF! You stole mine again! When did you do it?

I had no idea. It was a subconscious effort.

I wonder if every couple steals each other's blanket, bolsters, pillows etc. He says that we should get separate blankets as the way I steal the queensized duvet is quite an art. He is left shivering in the middle of the night and sometimes, it's firmly wrapped around me like a 'popiah'.

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