Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Gourmet Kitchen

I'd a couple of queries on the chicken and cow kitchen utensils (ice cream bowl and scoop, egg whisk etc) that I have so while I was in Hong Kong, I went back to the shop to take a look and noted down the address :)

The Gourmet Kitchen is a great place to visit if you want quirky and funny kitchen ware. They do sell standard looking frying slice, pans etc but for a fun piece to spruce up the kitchen, it's a fab store.

I think I posted it a few times the entire range and except for the measuring spoon, the rest have been serving us well. The ice cream scoop is the best that I've owned so far and it makes scooping out frozen hard ice cream easy. The whisk is great for whisking up a salad dressing or whisking eggs. Basically, it's not just a cutesy gadget but is definitely functional as well.

Gourmet Kitchen
Shop No. 3301
Harbour City
Tsim Sha Tsui
+ (852) 2175 0098

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Tags: hong kong, travels

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