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Running and us

I am enjoying and treasuring this cool January that we are blessed with! It's the perfect time to hop back into running after the holiday season and that's what I have been trying to do.

I did my third run for the year yesterday evening and I felt great throughout. I think I'm back! It felt a lot easier than the previous night, I was running at a good pace and even he noted that I was on a runner's high.

We managed to keep a conservation every now and then which was good and this came up mid-way -

A: So what was the first thing that you liked about me when you first met me?
B.T: Athletic people have this certain glow about them. You had that.


I love running so much, I don't think I can ever date a guy who doesn't appreciate it. He doesn't have to run the same amount as I do, but at least not frown when I do. I remembered running with him when we were still hanging out as friends. He was trying to impress me back then and when we first met up for a run, I almost giggled at his get-up of a cotton cut-off tee and basketball shorts. He said I whipped his ass the first time (and last).

I was later amused by his running routine on the roof-top - loops of 200m. I would sit on a chair and watch in bemusement. But I did think then that he had some sort of running potential. That running routine soon died off after he injured his knees for running in a clockwise direction continuously and we started running outdoors again.

I think later that year, I did his first half with him but I hardly trained and landed up slowing him down with cramped calves. We ran across the line (rather me hobbling), hand in hand. I don't know how I even convinced him to sign up for the NYC marathon but we did and finished our first marathon - not together. He was way too fast for me and seemed to pick it up easily. He has the long legs, the stamina and the mental to race good and well. I was like a little hamster beside him.

I was probably the one that got him started in serious running but ironically, he's the one that lands up motivating me and better at it. Today, he's the one to tell me that I'm not running hard or fast enough. He definitely doesn't love running the way I do and it's quite annoying that he's rather good at it but I'm the one that's average and totally into it.

They say that a couple that plays together stays together and if you have common interests, you will bond. It felt so last night as we ran side by side, he obviously slowing down to let me catch up. We don't need to share everything in common and function like Siamese twins but I do treasure the fact that he runs with me and that we have accomplished quite a bit together.

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