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The year in 2010 and embracing 2011

It took me a week to settle down and get my life back into the routine post vacation in Hong Kong, hence the delay and I'm probably the last to write on my year in 2010 but I suppose, better late than never!

2010 seemed to pass by in a whirlwind. It was unbelievable how incredibly fast time just flew by. Perhaps it is true when it is said that your perception of time changes as you grow up. Little kids have a longer perception of time thus asking them to wait 2 hours before they can eat their candy will seem like eternity. Age definitely has a part to play last year as I found myself wanting more and more to slow down my pace and to have more time to myself, to not socialize at times and to just not rush through life.

There were a billion things that I wanted to achieved but as always, too little time. Maybe, I just gave myself too many to-dos and I couldn't focus on any. So I will aim to have just 3 goals for 2011. Goals that will be realistic and achievable.

The family went through many changes in 2010. Happy changes. My sister got married to a guy that I like and approve of, they got a new place, my parents got a new place as well. It was like woa. Many changes. Many smiles around with everyone blessed with good health.

Work was quite a ride. I travelled more than I expected, learnt more and still love work. I was given a big opportunity which I eventually passed up for personal reasons. I feel lucky to be working for a great company that has proven to value its employees and it's great to be valued and feel appreciated. Last year I worked on my strengths to improve them even further and this year, I chose to work on my weaknesses so that I can be an even better asset to the company.

The second marathon which I was hoping and trained hard for to smash my previous timing didn't materialize. But the experience was still memorable. Life doesn't always go the way you want it to no matter how well planned and prepared you are. It's learning the mistakes and moving on and forward and trying and trying over again. I still love running and will always do. I don't intend to run a marathon this year and instead keep running and focus on improving on my speed work.

I travelled more than I demanded and expected to. After clocking in more than 100,000 miles in a year, it was indeed tiring. I was traveling on an average once a month or more. I flew 6 times to State side, twice to Hong Kong for leisure, had a nice relaxing time in Bali, did a quick trip to Vancouver post work trip and numerous trips around Southeast Asia for work. I'm not sure how the trips this year will pan out so I'll just go along with the flow. Hopefully, our plans to Japan will materialize.

The first 6 months of a relationship is always blissful. The honeymoon period as they call it. According to this book that I was reading, people that marry after 6-12 months are extremely happy due to high levels of chemicals in their brands that make them feel so. Mostly serotonin. After 9 months, these kinda die down and the true test of a relationship is after about 2 years and when you are with the person, it has to mean something if it progresses that far on.

We crossed the 3 year mark last year and he surprised me with a bouquet of roses. Which was a big deal since that was the first time that he has ever given me flowers. Dating Mr Unromantic isn't the easiest as the emotions don't get expressed and it takes work :P But the times when he makes that effort, it really makes me happy and means a lot more. I would say that a couple is lying if the relationship was all smooth sailing with no issues because you need to have issues and fights to make you closer. To make you think and work and want to make it work. We had a few rough patches and when you know that that person means something, you don't just give up so easily.

We designed and renovated his place together. There were many exchanges of differing opinions but overall, we bonded. We now both look proudly at The Studio which has massively transformed. I don't know how we did it, going through all that headaches with the contractors and designers but we did it. And it's never perfect and we don't expect it to be and just continue moving on and trying to make the best out of things.

I could proudly say that we were each very much a part of each other's life in 2010.

And that pretty much (or more or less) sums up 2010.

Good? Yes.

Perfect? Nope.

Do I wished that it was better? No.

For 2011, it'll be -


I had a stellar health report for 2010 and want to remain in the pink of health. 7-8 hours of sleep will be my target and to drink more water.

I want to work on my relationships. My relationship with B.T, with my family and my friends. Patience and faith is important between two people. We both have come a long way and we don't intend to give up as yet. It's always a work in progress and I want and will work harder at it. You can never show too much love to your family. This year, my sissy and I have made plans to have dinner with my mom at least once a month or just us two. It needs both time and effort but we are willing to put that in. After all, Mom does deserve that extra bit of attention every now and then, just because she is Mom. It's hard to maintain friendships with everyone so it's prioritizing the ones that mean the most to you. TS and I have maintained a fabulous 3 year long distance friendship. We see each other perhaps 4 times a year but keep in touch via Whatsapp, phone calls and emails. She's like my mentor and big big sister. Such friends are hard to come by. Treasure them. I will again write a list of friends that I would like to meet up.

I wasn't diligent in maintaining my yoga and flexibility last year. Sorry J, that improved downward dog that you instructed me to achieved by December 2010 has failed terribly :P I will try try try my best to stretch as often as I can. Calf stretches, stretches to work on my hamstrings. Also, to continue building strength in my knees and build strong legs and a core that will enable me to continue with my love for running.

It shouldn't be difficult. I just need to be focused. And if time permits, a bonus perhaps, will be to use Rosetta Stone for re-learning Japanese. Cheers to a well led 2010 and a better lived one in 2011!

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