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Sugar Bliss

Sugar Bliss is the second cupcake place that I checked out in Chicago and it came by coincidence. Our friend L, knew the owner of Sugar Bliss and took us to her shop which has a roaring business.

The owner Teresa started out this cupcake boutique without any prior training and spent a year perfecting her cupcakes. The signature flower pattern frosting of hers is patented and she has a loyal customer base and was even invited to The White House, yes, THE White House to meet Obama!

We were lucky to meet her in person and she was utterly generous in giving B.T and I a private tour of her kitchen! She shared about the business and showed us how the cupcakes were made. It was truly an eye-opener. I didn't take pictures as I felt that it would be intruding.

I tried the Red Velvet (of course) and it was up to expectations. The cake base was moist and the frosting wasn't overly sweet and in just the right amount. The main selling point of Sugar Bliss is that mini cupcakes are sold and you can then buy a variety to sample instead of struggling to finish a large cupcake.

Between Sprinkles which is the all-famous cupcake place that originated from Beverly Hills and started the cupcake craze, I actually prefer Sugar Bliss. The frosting at Sprinkles is tad too sweet and I landed up chucking most of it which is actually a waste. A good cupcake should make you want to eat all of it!

I'm actually done writing on my Chicago travels! Finally! It was one helluva trip! There will be one final post on other things to do in Chicago that we missed out on or wanted to do but there was insufficient time!

For more posts on cupcakes, click here.

Sugar Bliss
115 North Wabash Ave
IL 60602-1907
+1 (312) 845 9669

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