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If there's one thing that I learnt about B.T from the renovation project, is that he's really responsible in getting things done though way too nice to contractors and got bullied a bit! That's where I stepped in and spoke in my best Singaporean Singlish accent to whip their asses back into place. Rarr.

He sweetly promised over our call whilst I was in State side that everything will be done up and I returned to a perfect place except that he left The Studio unswept and cleaned for a week -_-

The home entertainment system was purchased and set up and we don't have cable or tv connection so it's for watching videos, surfing the Net and playing games and music. It's a pretty sweet set up!

He changed the bedsheets so that I could enjoy the new bedding when I got back and it's so luxurious. He being typical man, said I don't feel any difference! -_- sigh

Finally, we have a pre-loved Muji rug in a lovely chocolate color and I'm loving it. Thanks to the sweet reader who contacted me after reading that I was looking for a rug.

And I got my Charlie Brown tree - sort of. It's a variation! Don't laugh! TS contributed her Xmas decorations to me and I lugged it back from Oregon!

It is nice to be back home and dare I say that sometimes the most unromantic geeky boyfriend can be really sweet in his own way when he wants to :)

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