Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Leif Erickson run

Running in the winter isn't fun. You need to be bundled up and it does get biting cold.

The day right after I landed, TS dragged me out for a run. A slow 6 miler. It's never slow in winter though. It's so cold, you run as fast as you can to warm up. My fingers were freezing even beneath gloves! I think that's why people here run so fast - the weather forces you too! No wonder she's getting faster and faster!

I landed up with sniffles for a few days as I probably caught a chill but loaded up on vitamin C and was fine in two days. She got it bad though and had a bad cough and cold. I think I'd rather run in the heat!

Meanwhile, I finally got a pair of long running tights. I figured that I'll need them for my travels when I run in the cold.

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Tags: portland, running, travels, via ljapp

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