Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,


Notice some lip color?

No makeup, just the lipstick

Limited Disney lipstick - Heartless

Off to a Xmas party</b>

I'm not usually a lipstick girl.

My lips are naturally reddish so in all other photos that you see, I'm not wearing lipstick and only use a chap stick. I used to get into trouble at school for 'wearing lipstick' because my lips were always red and I had to rub my lip with the back of my hand to prove that I wasn't. The Chinese say it's a sign of 'heatiness'. Perhaps so, but it's always been so. Lip colors hardly stay on and I got lazy having to re-apply it.

My colleague bought a bright red lipstick and we were gushing over how it made her lips stand out and everyone was just automatically drawn to her lips. It was very enchanting. I decided to get one from M.A.C since it is really affordable at USD14.50.

I realized that there are very few bright red lipstick colors offered probably because not everyone likes it and prefer nude tones. It was easy picking one out. I love the heartless color from the Disney range and after I tested it on, the M.A.C girl and TS immediately went omg that looks so good on you. I did like the effect of it and got it, TS got one too :)

TS had her make up done and I learnt some good tips from the makeup artist. I don't use foundation or pressed powder and minimal coverage but always find make up fascinating. The lip color doesn't show up to be very red in the photos but in person, it's a fire engine sort of red! It's very obvious!

That night when we went out for an early Xmas dinner with a bunch of friends, we tried to glam it up and I wore my LBD, put on make up, she curled my hair for me and I wore some heels :) It was a lot of fun. The only gripe was that she'd a tough time getting the curls to stay in my hair as my fine hair just won't hold any styling. Even with hair spray and styling lotion, the curls went straight after about 2 hours -_-

P.SI think every girl should have a red lipstick in her hand bag especially on dates ;) Methinks I need to get a pair of bright red patent heels to go with it!

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