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Crate and Barrel


Festive reindeer candle holders

Table setting for a Christmas dinner

Adorable ornaments

Even before the renovation plans were even thought of a year back, I've always been intrigued and attracted to furniture stores especially the ones in State side for example, Pottery Barn (fab stuff for kids by the way), Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond and shops like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters that create a homey environment in store.

The seasonal sales were out in full force during my recent Portland trip and I couldn't help but to wander into Crate & Barrel and spent some time inside browsing and admiring and leaving with a paper bag of house stuff.

I got non of the above, unfortunately, saw some great pillows but it was too bulky for this trip so it'll be the next trip, and just got a serving platter for a mere USD$9.99 and tealight holders for just USD$0.99-1.40 each! Prices here are still relatively cheap. We got a decent trade discount whilst buying from Siah Huat and ToTT but this was still cheaper - almost the exact same quality crockery ware.

Trust me. I would have shipped back more if I wasn't maxed out on 3 luggages filled with Christmas gifts, my travel stuff and items that family and friends asked me to bring back.

A side note, that's one thing I LOVE about United - for Gold and 1L status, you are allowed to bring on (for free) three luggages each 32kg or 70lbs in weight. SQ provides way less - last I remembered it was 25 kg per luggage times two.

Anyway, Crate & B was decked out in Christmas decor which was lovely to admire and the ornaments were so cute! Since we won't be in our house during Xmas, I figured I'll do it next year.

Oh. I think I went a little candle crazy too :p Bath and bodyworks and Target are offering great deals so I got a couple more -_- Almost lugged back a USD$9.99 lava lamp and candle stands but restrained myself.

Hope everyone has their tree up and is in the festive mood already because I certainly am!

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