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Of decor and names

I get a daily dose of beautiful house decor and stuff from Apartment Therapy. I am just amazed at the sheer amount of content that is uploaded to this site on a daily basis. In fact, I usually don't have time to browse through all of it. However, it is a great read whenever I need some inspiration.

We are pretty much done with the house decorations and all except for a few loose ends - waiting for our rug to arrive and to move out the old mirrored dresser. I still find myself walking into furniture stores to take a browse around. Discovered a few more which I had fun just looking around.

Some were asking me about the Molecule table that we purchased. It's Italy made and Molecule distributes the furniture produced by Resource furniture. They don't offer the entire range though. The table that I got is the Trendy but in a different color. It's quite pricey but the quality and functionality of it is totally worth the investment. I can't recall exactly the cost (a couple grand) as there was some store discount and we got it 9 months ago and it was in storage! As B.T said, we literally almost built our entire decor around that table!

To view more of the products, check out the video below - some of the innovations are pretty rad! Definitely furniture that I would consider even when I get a bigger space in future.

On a completely unrelated note, Yahoo! news posted something that caught my eye. To give you some background on why this even remotely interests me, is that since young, I always had a fascination about names. I even had a tiny book of names where I would look up the meaning of all my friends' names. They say that a name almost define who a person is - true and false! Coincidentally, my name Andrea and my Chinese name sort of mean the same. Andrea means 'womanly' and my Chinese name half means 'graceful'. However, I'm quite klutzy rather than graceful for sure! I was also exceptionally intrigued about the variations of my name and had a whole long list of it. As to why the fascination, I have no idea.

The article that Yahoo! posted was quite interesting. In fact, most of the popular names of the decade listed there are the names that all my friends have named their kids. There is even an explanation to why people have started coming up with variations of classic names etc. Quite interestingly, my current favorite name for my future kid is listed in several of the lists. Popular or common? It doesn't matter. Also, I noticed that the other name chosen wasn't in any of the lists. Hmmm.

To the many expecting mommies out there, choose your baby's name wisely! The funniest name that I have heard, till date (not making this up), is 'ABCD'. Yup. ABCD is the name and it is pronounced as 'Ab-see-dee'. And many strange others :P

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