Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Wild rice, chats, green and bows

I'm shuffling around like a zombie today due to lack of sleep and the fatigue is definitely settling in after having problems falling asleep for a week or so. I think my biological clock is sort of screwy for some reason and it's definitely not jet lag since my last two trips were within Southeast Asia.

The (way) overdue catch-up with A finally materialized and I'm mighty glad that we both made the effort to lock it down into our schedules a week ago :)

I learnt something - when a salad menu states wild rice, it literally means - wild rice. Does that look like a salad to you? I'm glad I didn't get greedy and order a main on top of that! I could barely finish it! That should be classified under a main -_- It was good at least!

On a side note, I'm loving this Miu Miu ad that I saw and more specifically, that green bag. It's such a strong shade of green. I don't think I'll dare to buy because of the unconventional color, but it's definitely cool.

You know, I think getting dressed still half asleep is a bad idea. I OD on the bows. One on my head, another on my wrist, on my feet and forgetting the ones on my pink Miu Miu. *groan

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